Automatic Transfer Switches

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) are critical components of an emergency standby system. Available in sizes ranging from 100A through 6300A, GULFPOWER has a solution to suit every project’s need.
GULFPOWER Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
GULFPOWER provides reliable, sturdy, versatile and compact Automatic Transfer Switches that transfer safely between normal to alternate power source, i.e Utility to Generator or between Generator to Generator.
  1. – Available in sizes ranging from 100A to 6300A
  2. – Differentiated features that allow for ease of installation, integration, and operation.
  3. – Suitable for a wide array of industrial and commercial environments, from critical Power processes to emergency standby applications.
  4. – GP transfer switch have a controller to ensure transfer of power from Utility to Generator and back again.
GP Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) have a controller to ensure transfer of power from Generator 1 to Generator 2 and back again.
About Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is a modern, high-speed switching device designed to transfer electrical loads from a preferred power source to an alternate power source when voltage and or frequency varies from preset limits, and to re-transfer loads when the preferred source is restored.